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Weathercast: Isaias' eye may pass between Wilson and Greenville

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Whether or not Isaias comes ashore near the North Carolina-South Carolina border as a strong tropical storm or marginal hurricane, the Wilson Times area appears set for high winds and very heavy rainfall.

The center of Isaias, which by then would be a tropical storm, is forecast to pass between Wilson and Greenville.  

The exact track is important.

Heavier rain is expected to the west of the center, while higher winds should be felt to the east.

As of midday Monday, Wilson and Nash counties are projected to be just to the west. Much of Pitt, however, will be to the east. Rainfall on the west side may total in excess of 4 inches, with steady winds over 40 mph and gusts to near 60. There are some models with higher wind projections, as well as a slight chance of weak tornadoes, so it is critical to monitor National Hurricane Center updates. Rainfall will be partly dependent on how quickly the storm moves north and northeastward.

As for timing, the three primary models used by the Weathercast have moved toward each other but still have a meaningful difference. 

The U.S. model shows a quicker system with the window for tropical storm conditions in the Wilson Times area primarily between midnight and 6 a.m.  The European models have slower movement, with the window here from 3 a.m. and just before noon.

All of this can quickly change as few static forecasts of tropical systems stay viable for long.


Albert Thomas Jr., a Wilson attorney and retired judge, will weigh in on Wilson’s weather conditions each Tuesday and Saturday. Thomas is a forecast aficionado who recalls Wilson community weatherman Joe Overman’s broadcasts on WVOT radio.

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