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Walking man bears cross for Jesus

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While we all bear our own figurative crosses, one Tennessean carried his cross quite literally through Nash County last week.

Rodney Sherfield, a native of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, said he’s walking coast to coast in Jesus’ name, spreading the Gospel by dragging on his shoulders a wooden cross affixed with twine.

Nash County Sheriff Keith Stone spotted Sherfield walking along U.S. 64 on July 1. Stone stopped to check on Sherfield and learned of his mission.

Sherfield told Stone that he walks anywhere from 15 to 20 miles a day. He started his walk in Georgia and plans to one day reach California.

Sherfield said he’s continually praying for the world, and he prayed that day for Nash County.

Stone, a devout Christian, said faith is all important and he wishes Sherfield well on his evangelical journey.

Sherfield has said previously that he feels being visible yet silent is a nonthreatening way to reach folks for Christ.

“I am bringing remembrance of Jesus Christ and what he did for his people,” Sherfield said. “Some preachers are a little overbearing. Just me walking down the road with a cross, I get to minister to everyone who drives by.”

Sherfield, who sometimes uses the last name Bowman, has given different destinations and starting points to journalists over the past few years, but his intent has never wavered. He wants to point people to Christ in these troubled times. Sherfield told a reporter in Marion in 2018 that it’s obvious biblical prophecy is being fulfilled each day, and the end of the world is right around the corner. He said he wants to reach as many people as possible with his message before then.

Sherfield has a Facebook page under Rodney Sherfield. It’s filled mostly with posted Bible verses, but Sherfield said he checks it for encouraging words when he finds a location with free Wi-Fi. Between the weather and unfriendly passersby, his journey hasn’t always been pleasant.