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Use your isolation as a time to read

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Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us “there’s a time for everything.” And that means a time to read.

Since I’ve been shut-in, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to pull books off the shelves and dig into them.

I’ve owned many of these books for a long time, so I need to finally read them anyway.

We need to be thankful that people in our country are able to find and read many Christian books. I particularly enjoy Christian fiction, or at least books without bad language and graphic portrayals of physical love.

Believe me, most modern books are laced with these two items, since publishers seem to think their reading audiences want them.

Grace Livingston Hill is one author I recommend, if you can find her books. They were published many years ago. In fact, older books tend to avoid graphic portrayals. Too bad our world has gone so much toward the bad, and not many good, wholesome books can be found.

I know you can’t browse a Christian bookstore during these times, but I recommend going to a library that allows people to pick up books at the door. Or, as I do, you can order books from eBay or Amazon. Or even ask someone to drop some books at your door. (I’m big on passing books on after I’ve read them.)

My husband owns a large library of Christian books, all nonfiction, so I can also scan his shelves to pick up some and learn more about Christian history and do Bible study. Maybe you know someone with a similar library.

A friend of mine reads books to her elderly mother, so maybe you can read to people in your family, too. Or have someone read to you.

Currently I am reading a book called “Unspoken” by Angela Hunt. Hunt is one of my favorite Christian authors.

If you read around, you’ll find your own such writers. I’ve even written my own Christian novel, and people are reading and making suggestions on it. Do you like to write, too?

Donna Crowe is a minister’s wife.