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Things I’d do differently the second time

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A friend of mine recently posted on his Facebook page that if he had a chance to live his life over, there would be some radical changes. Wouldn’t we all like a shot at that? But then, what would we change if we had a do-over? I have given that some thought and these are just a few of the things that came to my mind:

1. I would never tell my dad that I had been to a drive-in movie (I did that when he asked me what movie we saw when I dated a neighborhood boy who was almost like a brother to me on my first date).

2. I would never ride in another drag race (even though I didn’t know what was happening until one of the guys in the other car began the countdown). Oops, scratch that. I actually drove in one years later.

3. I would never get a ticket going in excess of 80 mph (the trooper told me that when he clocked me, I was accelerating, so he did me a favor and turned off his clock).

4. I would never schedule a date with someone three months in advance and then stand him up by dating someone else (even though I was going to church with a girlfriend and having a “meetup” afterwards — remember, Melba Beddingfield Lamm?).

These are only some of the things I would not do, but I can assure you I would not lead a dull life. These are just a few of the “would-do’s” in my do-over.

1. I would get my driver’s license before I reached 20 years old. Yep, I was afraid of the driver’s ed instructors. One was Coach Faircloth (his size alone scared me to death) and the other was Coach Smith (dreaded algebra teacher who everyone feared at Spring Hope High School).

2. I would learn how to put on makeup before I reached 30. (I still have a magnet on my fridge that reads “Be Nice To Me, I’m Over 30” that I put there the year I turned 30 and I am now in my 70s). I belonged to the generation that said “Never trust anyone over 30.”

3. I would hold my children longer each night when I tucked them in and treasure every moment they were still at home. That part of my life was way too short even though at times I thought they would never grow up. Then one day, I turned around and they were all grown up and had families of their own.

Valentine’s Day is here again. Take this special time of the year to hold those you love a little tighter and never miss the chance to tell them you love them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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