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Thank vets from victory garden

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Hurricane season is still churning out hurricanes, the election is dragging on for days and mask-wearing and social distancing seems like they are here to stay.

I see businesses and houses pulling out Christmas decorations and skipping November. There are two holidays in November I’m not willing to skip or overlook. Veterans Day and Thanksgiving are still going to be honored at my home.

2020 has brought change. One thing for me that hasn’t changed is my love for America. I joined the Army and headed for boot camp two weeks after graduating from high school. I had three main reasons for signing up with Uncle Sam. First, I probably watched too much of the TV show “M.A.S.H.” and had always wanted to roll up my sleeves and wear the Army green. Second, I wanted money for college but wasn’t ready to decide what my major was going to be; but mostly, I genuinely believe that being an American is an awesome privilege and serving in the military felt like a great way to show my respect and love for my country.

Victory gardens first started during World War I, where rations had to be saved for the military. At first, it was a patriotic act — a way to relieve government spending. Now, it has evolved to be a symbol for self-sufficiency, community and mental well-being.

Our country seems to be almost evenly split on which direction we should go. But I don’t feel gratitude has a partisan platform. Every person has something to be grateful for. Grateful members of society make the country and community surrounding them better. Building a garden is, in a way, an act of gratitude in itself. Our veterans fought to protect our country, which includes our backyards, windowsills and porches. So, by using them to grow food, we are seizing freedoms our veterans fought for us to have.

It’s also why I’d like to see Spring Hope become a more prosperous community. A town that can trace its beginnings back to the late 1800s has a history that can be learned from, improved on and turned into a place that blooms in diversity and creative attractions.

I salute our military veterans, active service members, reservists and National Guardsmen on Veterans Day. I appreciate that the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines members keep donning their uniforms and give selflessly to maintain our rights and freedoms that many people in the world are denied. Thank you for your service. Thank you for my freedoms that let me live a life of gratitude.

I hope you also take some time on Nov. 11 to thank a vet. Happy planting.

DeeAnn Rivera is a Spring Hope resident who blogs at VictoryGardenGal.com. Email her at VictoryGardenGal@gmail.com.