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Read a good book lately? Start with the Bible

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Boxes and bags of unread books line the space in front of full bookshelves in my garage.

The bookshelves in my house are filled with more books than those of most of the experts being interviewed from home on news shows. Needless to say, then, if I had my way, after death I’d be squeezed into my coffin, surrounded by piles of books. And if I were exhumed, I’d be found with an open book in one hand and a candle in the other. (What a minute—is embalming fluid flammable?)

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. And I’ve even written one book and am now working on another. Some of the books I read are fiction, mainly mysteries, and some are nonfiction books dealing with all sorts of topics. I even read three devotional books each morning.

I was reading the Bible every day, too — but I confess that I’ve been skipping it lately, replaced by books talking about scriptures from the Bible. I realize now that I need to start reading the primary source again — the “good book” inspired by God, written over a number of centuries, describing people’s experiences with God and even the life and sayings of God on Earth, Jesus.

Accordingly, my Bible will be returned to the shelf by my lazy-girl recliner, so I can also go back to reading it every day. One poll found that 80% of churchgoers don’t read the Bible every day. Instead of our being happy that we are in the majority of churchgoers when we set the Bible aside and only occasionally pick it up — maybe even just to dust under it, maybe we need to happily join the minority and actually make it a daily habit.

We can slip a small New Testament into our pocketbook or even pocket. We can set a copy on the kitchen counter. I dare say we can even set it somewhere in the bathroom.

Just one verse a day can be a blessing to us.

Donna Crowe is a minister’s wife.