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Politics can be a minefield for Christians

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Each Sunday at Peachtree Baptist Church has become more exciting. We, as the members, welcomed many more visitors to Peachtree, with some becoming new members. God is good.

The sanctuary flower arrangement Sunday was presented to glorify God and present the wonder of His creations to adorn the world.


Jerry’s devotional this week was “The Best Teacher,” by Anne Graham Lotz, from “Fixing My Eyes On Jesus.”

“His divine power has given us everything we need for life and Godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.” — 2 Peter 1:13.

“Never underestimate the power of God in your life. He is much bigger than you think and much greater than you think. Nothing is beyond His ability, whether it’s a job-related problem, a marriage to reconcile, a memory to heal, a guilty conscience to cleanse, a sin to forgive, a budget to stretch, another mouth to feed or anything else that may be troubling you.

“When you have Jesus, you have everything you need. You have God’s power to ‘fix’ the broken things in your life. He is more than able to work out the difficulties in your marriage, your job, your finances, your memories, the loss of your home — everything! Ephesians 3:20 assures us that He ‘is able to do immeasurably more that all we ask or imagine.’

“Trust Him. He is greater than you think. He is able.”

Hope for today: “Multiple news outlets and social media cause us to be inundated with all the evils of the world. Satan would like us to feel as if the world is out of control., but that isn’t true. God has not relinquished control of His creation.” — Billy Graham.

Special music: Jane May preformed a piano solo.

Verse of the month: Romans: 15:2.


Lawrence Edwards and I are leading the Bible study this month. This week’s lesson is “How should I respond to politics? Reflect Christ in how you interact with politics and government,” with Scripture from Romans 13:1-10.

“Our country is deep into election season. All 435 seats in Congress, 34 seats in the Senate and the office of the president are all up for election. Add to that the state and local elections taking place, and we are overrun with campaign ads, signs and slogans!

“And then there are the endless political debates and discussions.

“The United States is deeply divided over important issues. Each side in the political arena is convinced they are right; consequently, passions run high and unfortunately, the rhetoric is often less than civil.

“Politics can be a minefield — especially for Christians. While politicians are often only concerned with the outcome, Christians must also be concerned about the process. In one contentious moment, some might want to accomplish a goal that would have been good, but they may have violated Christian principles.

“The phrase, ‘The end justifies the means,’ is often embraced by some Christians today.

“In Romans 13, the apostle Paul addressed our attitude and behavior toward government, and we definitely need his guidance in this election season. While Christians may not like certain politicians, God calls us to respond based not on emotions but with actions that honor government and its leaders. God calls us to a different standard. Love for Christ and others is to permeate every way we engage in and express ourselves in the political arena.”


• Don’t forget, just because we are not able to do our celebrations or normal habits now because of the virus, we do not have to cancel these events. Just postpone them. Have a bigger and better event later. Look forward to that.

• Due to the coronavirus outbreak, please check with all area churches and community groups to see if they are operating.


• To all those sick and in need. Please keep them all in your prayers.

• Norman Whitley, Maxine Whitley, Jean Bunn, Linwood May, Ronnie Matthews, Linda Beasley, Mable Purvis, Mac Bennett, Ronnie Russell and Rudy Brantley.

• James Sheppard will have a test done at the hospital.

• Curtis and Ginny Beddingfield’s daughter needs special prayers.

• Jeannie Joyner, Lynn Griffin’s mother, will have a test.

• I’m scheduled to undergo a test.

• Mable Purvis, Ray Eason’s mother, is in Nash UNC Health Care’s Nash General Hospital.

• Julie Brantley’s sister is in the hospital.

• Jean Bunn is scheduled to have a test.

• Aubrey Farmer is recovering from a hospital stay.

• My dad Jake Robertson is recovering from minor surgery Thursday at Duke Regional Hospital.

• Please keep all front-line heroes in your prayers.

• Please don’t forget the people in the nursing homes in your area. So many are suffering with COVID-19.

• Pray for the people of this country and the world that we can come together in peace and love to solve our problems.

• Birthday blessings to Tabitha Edwards (July 25) and Bill Nelson (July 28).

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Fran Bunn is a member of Peachtree Baptist Church.