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Nash hospital to host Healthy Heart Fair

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ROCKY MOUNT — February is nationally recognized as American Heart Month. To celebrate, Nash UNC Health Care is hosting its third annual Healthy Heart Fair from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Feb. 15, at the Nash Heart Center.

The Healthy Heart Fair’s purpose is to educate the community about how to take care of your heart through healthy living practices and what to do if a heart emergency arises.

Booths will be set up to provide information on nutrition and heart-healthy eating, exercising, smoking cessation, how to perform CPR, the warning signs of heart attack and more. There will also be free food and raffle prizes, with the grand raffle prize being an Apple Watch.

“The heart fair is a great opportunity for our community to learn about their heart health. Our staff will be administering blood pressure tests, and our cardiologists will be available to talk with attendees about their personal risk for heart problems,” said Sarah Heenan, executive director of Nash UNC’s Heart Center.

Erica Mountjoy, nurse practitioner and manager of Nash UNC’s Heart Failure Clinic, expressed the importance of taking health precautions.

“Taking the proper precautions and practicing healthy habits can prevent heart problems and improve your overall quality of life. Eating healthy, exercising, avoiding tobacco products; most of these health tips are stressed constantly but are still extremely important, which is why repeating them so often is necessary,” Mountjoy said.

The American Heart Association reports that cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States and the world. It also reports that about 1 in 5 heart attacks are silent — the damage is done, but the person is not aware of it, which is why knowing the warning signs and symptoms of heart attack is important.

“I think the majority of us know what we need to do to remain healthy, but the many don’t know where to start or how to keep it up once we’ve started. That’s where the Healthy Heart Fair can benefit our community the most. Our cardiologists and trained health professionals will all be gathered together to offer our knowledge and advice to the community, so they can take that next step in their health and gain the tools and resources that will support them,” said Heenan.

For more information about the Healthy Heart Fair, visit NashUNCHealthCare.org/Events.