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Nash County seeks a few good poll workers

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NASHVILLE — The Nash County Board of Elections is a flurry of activity preparing for November’s election.

“Things are very busy,” said Nash County Elections Director John Kearney.

Kearney said he’s still filling poll worker spots, but he thinks he will be good by Election Day. He’s also always willing to take applications.

“I always need people to go to our website and sign up if they are interested,” Kearney said.

To apply, visit www.nashcountyboe.com and look for “Poll Workers” on the site menu.

Poll workers are required to attend training sessions conducted by the county elections office prior to each major primary and general election.

The training is conducted the month prior to the election, and workers are notified of the exact dates by mail.

Chief judges are required to attend a separate training session that lasts from four to six hours.

Poll workers are paid for three days: training, setup and Election Day. For training day, chief judges earn $35; help desk workers earn $25; check-in station workers earn $20; and ballot table workers, curbside workers and machine monitors earn $15.

On Election Day, chief judges are paid $165; help desk workers are paid $125; check-in station workers are paid $120; ballot table workers are paid $115; and curbside workers and machine monitors are paid $110.

With the exception of chief judges who don’t participate in setup, all other poll workers earn $10 that day.

Judges are issued a poll worker manual at the training session and are expected to read and understand the manual thoroughly, according to information provided by elections staff.

Poll workers will receive training that’s specific to the upcoming election.

To be appointed to any poll worker positions, applicants must be a registered voter in Nash County, be of good moral character and be able to read and write accurately, follow directions, work at a fast pace, lift up to 25 pounds and have excellent customer service skills.

Immediate family members of candidates cannot serve during any primary or election in which the candidate participates. Immediate family members can’t work together in the same precinct.

No person actively working on a candidate’s campaign or actively working for a political party is allowed to serve as a poll worker during that election cycle.

Kearney said he will soon release information about a new website for the election.