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In retrospect, my parents gave me some wise advice

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I found myself thinking just the other day about the “advice” my parents gave me when I was growing up. You know, things like “Don’t cross your eyes because they might stay that way.” Or, as you are leaving to go someplace, “Be sure you have on clean underwear with no holes in them in case you’re in an accident.”

My dad’s reason for a 10 p.m. curfew (10:30 on Saturday) — “Nothing good happens after 10 o’clock.” The best one ever was “Never date anyone you wouldn’t want to marry because one of the boys you date will be the one you fall in love with.”

Imagine all that wisdom from someone I thought didn’t have a clue when I was growing up.

The mosquitoes at my place are in full attack mode. They are everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

I can’t even open the back door without spraying in order to keep them out. I remember years ago when the Starlite Drive-In was located in Wilson before there were air-conditioned cars and all the windows were down during the movie, there was a boy who went from car to car asking if those inside the car wanted to spray for mosquitoes.

That would not have been my job pick because I’m sure he was told a lot of things other than “Sure, we’d love to spray for mosquitoes.”

Back then, the drive-ins were also family-friendly. There were swings and seesaws in an open area just in front of the screen and benches for folks to sit and watch the movie. I’ll never forget my first date to the drive-in with a boy I’d known all my life, and we were just friends. When I came home and told my dad where I had been, he hit the roof and I almost spent the rest of my teenage years seeing all my dates in my living room.

That, too, was a part of my dating years — the living room. No going out during the week, but the guy could come sit in the living room or on the front porch. I don’t think that’s a bad idea even today.

Mind you, I said the living room — not the bedroom. If I had even made such a suggestion, I can assure you that I would have been 18 years old before I was allowed out of the house other than to go to school.

Did I ever tell you that my dad was very strict?

Jan Mills is The Enterprise’s customer service representative. Her column previously appeared in the Southern Nash News, whose print edition merged with The Enterprise this week.