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He's human after all

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Flood the White House with get-well cards for Donald and Melania Trump. Send separate well-wishes to each one so they each see that you care about each person’s well-being.

Do this whether you are a Democrat or Republican, or whatever else you are. We are all human beings, after all. Send them to The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20006.

If you’re an artist, draw a picture of something each would like. Paint or draw some spring flowers for Melania. Draw some Alaska or Montana mountain scenes for Donald. That is, if you do not have some other idea. 

If you really cannot draw or paint, then go get Hallmark greeting cards. Spend some time in the aisle exploring what might give them a laugh. Or one of those cards that plays a song, such as “Star Wars” for Donald and maybe “Springtime in Paris” for Melania.

The Trumps are in trouble. Our prayers are needed. And do not add any political affiliation message to that card. In fact, make sure that whatever political party you belong to is not obvious at all. This is about the humans in the White House — not the politics there. 

No matter what you believe or think you believe of both or either, they deserve our respect during their dark days. For these are dark days as each has some degree of COVID-19. This disease is no joking matter. It has killed and will continue to kill other humans over the next several months or even until this time next year. 

Yes, this pandemic could go on for more than 12 more months. I say this due to the planning that I have seen of major retail groups and manufacturers to adjust their production and distribution to account for 2021 being a rough year for the logistics, supply chain and manufacturing side of almost all things we purchase from retail stores that are open.

For whatever you think of Donald Trump, he has given us all a great gift, a gift of his humanness. Yes, he is just like you and me. Except his age is in the 70s. And that age is fraught with fear from our senior citizens, too many of whom have died at an alarming rate due to COVID-19. 

It seems that our older bodies, and mine is 75 years old, are more of a target for COVID-19. So, wear a mask when out and close to people. When you do visit a restaurant, as we do occasionally, wear a mask. It is funny, though, when someone tries to drink sweet tea poking the straw into their mask. 

Yep, that’s me, at Parker’s Barbecue being stupid. But I also kiss my lovely bride of 55 years in public, at the restaurant, wearing the mask. Yes, we mask-to-mask kiss in public.

This election season is about to end. It’s time to vote very soon, if you have not already done so. If you are going to stand in line and vote on Election Day, do so. Even if Donald Trump and his lovely bride are still incapacitated, you get out there and vote. 

Now, who you vote for is your personal business. Unless, of course, you are wearing your candidate’s endorsement on your head and shirt or carrying a flag or poster with his name on it.

But, again, despite what happens to either of our two presidential candidates, get out there and vote. Do not let the illness of Trump or any illness or dilemma for Biden hold you off from that voting booth.

We pray for a recovery for both Trumps, with no relapse. But I pray that each one of you reading this encourages all around you to wear a mask when out in public and to use social distancing.

Donald and Melania have shown that a mask and distance work. So, follow their lesson.

Oliver Hedgepeth, a native Wilsonian, is a professor of logistics, teaching online at the American Military University. Email him at blh4835@gmail.com.