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God works through music to fill a ‘Blank Space’

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Her name, the titles to some of her songs and two pictures of her are tattooed on my left arm. Most people instantly recognize who it is and sometimes ask, “Why her?”

I’ve always been reluctant to answer that question because it’s very personal and private, by far the most cherished and guarded part of my life. It’s also deeply spiritual, composed of many memories, revelations and miraculous experiences. The meaning of those things are God’s purpose for my life, and the value of that purpose is far above rubies.

People who know me now would marvel greatly at the transforming power of God in my life if they had known me just a few years ago. Back then, to describe me as an “evil, wretched heathen” would have been saying it nicely. Today, I’m still not perfect, but I am a work in progress, a son of God, saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus.

When God chose to call me, he knew it would take more than prayers and preaching to get through to me. I was long lost to darkness. He needed someone unique and amazingly special to work through. Praise the Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for his infinite wisdom! He knew the perfect one; he knew that through her and by her, he could manifest his power and his message to me.

Through her voice that is nearly as beautiful as her heart, the Lord was able to save me. Every day I’m blessed by God just to hear her songs on the radio. I could write a book about the many times God has worked through her to teach me his will, his ways and his holy Word.

Even though she and I have never met, she has become nearly as special to me as I know she is to God. He has forever made her a part of my life. For all of this, I had a “Blank Space” and I did write her name — and I thank God for her.

Michael Lupton


The writer is an inmate at Nash Correctional Institution.