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God calls believers to stand up against injustice

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Peachtree members welcomed a new Sunday with excitement and praise to God. God is good.

The sanctuary flower arrangement Sunday was presented to glorify God by Lynn and David Griffin in loving memory of Jonathan Kerby Griffin.


I welcomed the Sunday school gathering and led the song, “Room at the Cross.”

I then read, “The Tug of God’s Love,” by Billy Graham, from “Hope For Each Day: Words of Wisdom and Faith.

“The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.” — Romans 8:16

“Whenever anyone asks me how I can be so certain about who and what God really is, I am reminded of the story of the little boy who was out flying a kite. It was a fine day for kite flying. The wind was brisk, and large billowy clouds were blowing across the sky. The kite went up and up until it was entirely hidden by the clouds.

“‘What are you doing?’ a man asked the little boy.

“‘I’m flying a kite,’ he replied.

“‘Flying a kite?’ the man said. ‘How can you be sure? You can’t see the kite.’

“‘No,’ said the boy, ‘I can’t see it, but every little while I feel a tug, so I know for sure that it’s there!’

“Don’t take anyone else’s word for God. Find Him for yourself by inviting Jesus Christ to come into your life. Then you, too, will know by the wonderful, warm tug on your heartstrings that He is there for sure.”


I led the Median Sunday school class Bible study. “When Life Gets Hard: Big Questions About Pain and Suffering,” is a new series of seven lessons. The second lesson is, “How Can God Use Me When Others Suffer? God calls us to stand up for those who suffer from injustice, as described in Isaiah 58:3-11.

In this study, I read, “Injustice is the unfair treatment of others — especially those in a weaker position — and we have experienced it in one form or another. We’ve been on the receiving end of injustice, and sadly, we also have inflicted injustice on others. Injustice rears its ugly head in racism, sexism, abuse in all its forms, religious persecution and bullying, just to name a few. Any time the right to life is denied to an individual — whether in aborting an unborn child, an act of assisted suicide committed against one who is critically ill or euthanasia performed on the elderly — that is also a reprehensible act of injustice.”

In these verses we learn, “God not only calls believers to act justly toward others, but to stand up for those treated unjustly by others.”

Special music: Jane May performed a piano solo. The Peachtree Baptist Church Adult Sanctuary Choir sang “It’s Shoutin’ Time In Heaven.”

Verse of the month: Micah 6:8

Sermon: Pastor Gene Whitehouse delivered a message entitled “The Schemer.”


• Peachtree Baptist Church members are looking for a clean copy of their first cookbook. If you have one, please loan it to us. We would like to make copies of it to make a new cookbook. We would return yours to you. Please call the church at 252-478-4418 if you have one.

• Bible study is held at 7 p.m. each Wednesday in January, followed by adult choir practice at 8 p.m.

• Tuesday, Jan. 28 — Deacons’ meeting, 7 p.m.

• Friday, Jan. 31 — Faith Christian Ministry day, noon to 5 p.m.

• Sunday, Feb. 2 — The Peachtree Hostesses will host a soup and sandwich lunch at noon after the worship service. This lunch will be celebrating Peachtree’s 211th anniversary. Members are welcome to bring soup, sandwiches or desserts. There is a sign-up sheet in the narthex. All are welcome.

• Tuesday, Feb. 4 — Peachtree women’s book study meeting, 10 a.m.

• Wednesday, Feb. 5 — Women’s evening book study, 7 p.m.


• On Jan 13, some of the Peachtree men attended Stoney Hill Baptist Church’s monthly men’s dinner and devotion.

• On Thursday, the Peachtree Men’s Ministry held its first monthly dinner and devotion for 2020. Members are stressing their 2020 theme, “Reach Deeper to Know the Lord.” Pastor Whitehouse was the guest speaker. A magnificent catfish main course was provided by Ray and Wendy Edwards. The men’s gourmet meal staff provided cole slaw, boiled redskin potatoes, hush puppies and homemade desserts by their faithful and committed ladies of PBC. There were about 50 men in attendance. The men meet at 6:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month. All men are invited.

• Some Peachtree members attend dinner Friday night at Melton’s Restaurant in Wake Forest.

• David and Lynn Griffin met friends Kaye and Mike Daniel from Clayton and friends Lucy and Willis Lamm from Zebulon at The Southland in Zebulon for dinner on Friday night. They all had a wonderful time.

• On Saturday, the Peachtree Lady Hostesses canceled their church-wide chili cook-off due to a church member’s death. We will try to reschedule this event at a later date.

• On Saturday and Monday, Peachtree served at Faith Christian Ministry.

• David and Lynn Griffin attended the wedding of their niece, Rebecca Boykin, to Dylan Price Saturday afternoon at the Bissette Cabin in the Stanhope community.

• A group from Peachtree attended Duke Memorial Church’s monthly lunch on Sunday. Great meal. A must-try. Just call to let the organizers know you are coming.

• Chloe Scott and her mom, Nikki, had a wonderful day together shopping for Chloe’s formal for prom. Boy, Chloe is growing up so fast.

• Saturday, Feb. 8 — Flood’s Chapel will hold its monthly men’s breakfast at 8 a.m. The church serves scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits, drinks and more. All men are invited.

• Monday, Feb. 10 — Stoney Hill men’s dinner, 7 p.m. All men are invited.


• To all those sick and in need.

• Norman Whitley, Ralph Sykes and Nancy Sears all need our prayers.

• Please don’t forget to visit the people in the nursing homes in your area.

• Birthday blessings to Milton Vick (Jan. 26), Marta Whitehouse (Jan. 27) and Robby Bunn (Jan. 30).

We are all called to do our part. If you have no idea what that may be, just ask God. Don’t miss the blessing of serving and standing up for others!

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” — John Bunyan.

If you have news, please call or email me. It can’t be printed if I don’t know about it. I do prefer an email. My email address is mfpbun@aol.com. My phone number is 252-478-2846. You may leave a message.

Fran Bunn is a member of Peachtree Baptist Church.