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Following Christ leaves no room for mix-and-match religion

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On Sunday, the Peachtree Baptist Church congregation, family, and friends met to worship our Lord.

The sanctuary flower arrangement Sunday was presented to glorify God by Tanya Pitts in loving memory of her husband, Harry N. Pitts, and her parents, Willard and Mary Winstead.


Jerry Hobgood welcomed the Sunday school gathering and led the song, “Amazing Grace! How Sweet The Sound.”

He then read, “Amazing Grace,” by Anne Graham Lotz, from “Fixing My Eyes On Jesus.” 

“Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 1:3

“The Christian life isn’t motivated by a list of dos and don’ts but by the gracious outpouring of God’s grace and blessings. We don’t deserve His grace. We can’t earn it. We can’t bargain for it. We can’t buy it. We can only open our hearts and hands to receive it. It’s the miracle of grace: Great Riches At Christ’s Expense. For a lifetime. Forever!

John 1:17 says, “The law was given though Moses; grace and truth came though Jesus Christ.”

“Jesus perfectly fulfills the law. Our lives don’t. That’s the truth. His life meets God’s standard of perfection. But when we receive Jesus by faith, His righteousness is credited to us. That’s grace! Grace that is greater than all our sin, guilt, shortcomings, mistakes, and failures. We are saved by grace. We stand in grace — one blessing after another that we don’t deserve! That is amazing!”


Lawrence Edwards led the Median Sunday school class Bible study, “Remember God’s Faithfulness: The God who guided you in the past will guide you now and in the future,” from 2 Chronicles 16:1-13. This lesson is the fifth in a series of six in “Living a Godly Life in an Ungodly World.”

“Every year, a group of students go backpacking. They are told the importance of watching their surroundings in case they get lost. Every year, some fail to listen and get lost. They always told the same story when they were found — they couldn’t remember the way.

“Too often, we do the same thing. We rely on God to do something in our lives only to forget the next time what it was He did for us.

“In these verses, King Asa was no exception to this. In latter days of King Asa, he had begun well as a man of faith, but in the end, he acted like anything but. Asa had been an exceptional ruler though most of his reign, but he hit a period in his life when he ‘forgot to remember’ to rely on God to lead him.

“George Santayana said: ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ That statement reminds us to learn from the past.”

Special music: Jane May played a piano solo. Marta Whitehouse sang a solo, “He Walked On Water.”

Verse of the month: James 1:22  


“The Way, Truth and Life,” from John 14:4-6

“Fifty years ago, there was the basic belief in America that there was one God and that He was the God derived from the scriptures. You either believed in this God or you did not believe in God at all. Today, the belief is that the God of the Bible is only one god among many gods, each equally valid in their claims.

“Today, our society is actually moving from pluralism to syncretism. That is, you can now choose a little bit from Christianity, a little bit of New Ageism, a little bit from Hinduism, a little bit of Protestant doctrine, a little bit of Catholic doctrine, mix them all together and come up with your own personal religion that fits your lifestyle and your own little god who accepts you on your terms. Spirituality is just another supermarket where you can choose the god of your choice. What Jesus Christ is about to say in John chapter 14 will shatter any attempt to pick and choose. Jesus Christ is about to say, in the clearest terms yet, the most dogmatic, exclusive statement that, to this day, troubles our world.

“Peter’s question was, ‘Lord, where are you going?’ Thomas’ question was, ‘Lord, how do we get there?’

“Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me.’”

“The way this verse is put together is fascinating. It is three distinct thoughts: I am the way. I am the truth. I am the life. You could expand your translation by adding the word ‘only.’ So it would read, ‘I am the only way; I am the only truth; am the only life.’

“Jesus did not tell His disciples in this verse that He would show them the way to heaven. He told them He was the way! ‘I will take you by the hand and lead you and guide you so that we will never lose your way.’ Jesus says, ‘I am the only way.’”


• Wednesday, Aug. 21 — Special adult choir practice, 7 p.m.

• Sunday, Aug. 25 through Sunday, Sept. 1 — Week of prayer for state missions.

• Saturday, Aug. 31 — Faith Christian Ministries Store responsibility, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

• Tuesday, Sept. 3 — Deacons’ meeting, 7 p.m.

• Wednesday, Sept. 4 — Wednesday activities resume.

• Sunday, Sept. 8 — Church conference, noon.

• Tuesday, Sept, 10 — Women’s book study, 10 a.m. Bring a sack lunch. WMU meeting will follow. Study book is Max Lucado’s “He Chose The Nails.”

• Wednesday, Sept. 11 — Church-wide fellowship salad dinner, 5:30 p.m.

• Wednesday, Sept. 11 — Evening women’s book study, 7 p.m. All ladies are welcome to attend the Sept. 10 and/or Sept. 11 book study meetings. You will be responsible for your book. For more information, call me at 252-478-2846.


• On Thursday, the Men’s Ministry served dinner to 44 men. The menu consisted of barbecue ribs, butter beans, potatoes, desserts, rolls and drinks. Guest speaker was Jerry Wilder.

• Ten ladies from Peachtree attended the Flood’s Chapel Women’s Conference on Saturday.

• Joan and Ray Eason attended Dortches Baptist Church on Sunday to see her brother, Tim Rackley, ordained as a deacon.

• The Peachtree Baptist WMU received a thank you from the Baptist Children’s Home for the group’s help collecting food.


• On Saturday, the Flood’s Chapel Women’s Conference was held at Stoney Hill Baptist Church. Wow! What a great fellowship event. There were about 100 ladies there. Carla Bissette from Flood’s Chapel brought this event together. Flood’s Chapel has been hosting this event for several years. It is now too large for its facilities. In partnership with Stoney Hill Baptist Church and Paula Tarnaski, organizers were able to expand this conference. Amy Kornegay was the guest speaker and provided special music. Again, wow! Amy was wonderful. There was breakfast and lunch, a silent auction and other surprises. Plan to attend next year for a spiritual awakening. Thanks to all who helped in planning and working at this event.

• On Saturday, First Baptist Church Spring Hope held its back-to-school bash. There were games, a bounce house, service vehicles and free hot dogs.

• Friday, Sept. 6 — Momeyer Ruritan Club barbecue fundraiser, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

• Saturday, Sept. 7 — Flood’s Chapel men’s breakfast, 8 a.m.

• Monday, Sept. 9 — Stoney Hill men’s dinner, 7 p.m.


• To all those sick and in need.

• Birthday blessings to Melba Hobgood, (Aug. 23), Lawrence Edwards and Josh Griffin, (Aug 26) and Mack Bunn, (Aug. 29).

I have expanded the news and announcements to other churches and charities. You will see more next week. If you have news, please call or email me. I do prefer an email. My email address is mfpbun@aol.com. My phone number is 252-478-2846. You may leave a message.

Fran Bunn is a member of Peachtree Baptist Church.