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Falling asleep while in the carpool line

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I fell asleep sitting in the carpool line while waiting for my granddaughter at Southern Nash High School.

You know, you get there early because you don’t want to have to sit beside the road when the line gets so long. I always take a book with me to read while I wait because that is the only time I truly have to just sit and “be.” Well, my car has a sunroof, so I opened the sunroof, opened each window and began to read my Jan Karon novel.

As I felt myself getting a little sleepy, I thought “What will it hurt to just lay this seat back and rest for a little while?”

I have no idea just how long I slept, but when I woke up, cars were rolling past — so I scrambled to let the seat back up, crank the car, put it in gear and gradually pulled into carpool traffic.

When I reached the front of the school, my granddaughter was just laughing. “MeMe, were you sleeping out there? I saw the car and thought it was you but couldn’t see anyone.”

We both had a really good laugh, but can you imagine sitting there for more than 15 minutes as the carpool rode by? I’m just hoping I had my mouth closed and wasn’t drooling.

To add insult to injury, I drove to Food Lion later that afternoon to pick up a few essential items — honey buns, Pepsi and animal crackers — and on the way into the store, I bumped into someone I had not seen since he graduated from Spring Hope High School in 1961 (I am a member of the class of ’62).

Sad part was I recognized him but he looked at me and pretended to recognize me (we all know when someone is racking their brain trying to remember us) so I saved him the trouble and gave him my maiden name “I’m Janice Murray.” I’m still not sure he knew who I was even after that.

After that, I just simply went home, put on comfortable clothes and decided to stay in for the rest of the day.

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