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As Christians, which cat are we like?

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Being mostly laid up in bed the last few weeks, I’ve had a chance to really observe the behavior of our two cats.

Sammy is our large black kitty. We adopted Sammy from some of our son David’s friends. Caroline is our little gray kitty we rescued from the local animal shelter.

As usual, both of our cats depend on being fed by me or my husband John. They each have bowls for food and water in two separate bedrooms.

Sammy is mainly an outdoor cat, coming in the house via the kitty door only to get food and water and an occasional place to sleep. He might speak to us on the way in and out, meowing to announce his presence. When he needs us to feed him, he can be very vocal, and even rubs against our legs to make his presence known. Otherwise, he rarely pays any attention to us.

On the other hand, Caroline only goes outside infrequently. Often she lies on top of the sofa in the den, while I am in there typing at the computer, watching TV, or reading. But since I’ve been in bed a lot lately, she has spent much time lying beside me and usually hops onto the bed when I go to sleep. She craves attention a lot, and comes to me for love.

As I think about my two cats, I think about how some of us as Christians mainly see God as a bank machine, just giving us what we want. We only turn to Him when we need something or are having problems. Otherwise, He gets ignored as we go about our lives. We don’t spend time with Him. Remember that Jesus got after the folks who only followed him to get food (John 6:26).

But other Christians want to spend time with God. We crave His presence and His love. We want to snuggle in the shadow of His wing, leaning on His everlasting arms, as one hymn says.

Which kind of cat are we like?

Donna Crowe is a minister’s wife.