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Tom Campbell

We need a full-court press on the census

Four million North Carolinians have not filled out the 2020 census. That’s not good news for a number of reasons.  Let’s start with the dollars and cents. In fiscal year 2017 our …
John Hood

Politicians can't be daydream believers

RALEIGH — North Carolina’s state and local governments will likely overspend their projected revenue this year by billions of dollars. So far, few public officials seem panicked about the …
Roy Cooper

Even in a pandemic, NC is prepared for hurricane season

North Carolina has seen more than its fair share of devastating storms, particularly in the past few years. When hurricane season comes around, we don’t have the luxury of sitting back and …
Ken Ripley

Rogers a storyteller, writer for the ages

With all the news of the week, and the continuing litany of pandemic-related deaths, it would be easy to overlook the Aug. 8 death of retired News & Observer columnist Dennis Rogers after a long …
Jeffrey Batts

Nash UNC has your health in mind

As chairman of the Nash UNC Health Care Board of Commissioners, I am pleased to share our progress over the last year for our patients and community. Many have experienced our changes at Nash …
Jan Mills

Hurricane seasons past and present

It’s hurricane season, and we all know what that means. A tropical system begins to develop off the coast of Africa, works its way across the Atlantic toward the Caribbean, upwards toward Florida …
Gary Pearce

Pandemic imperils public schools

The COVID-19 pandemic shows how we dump society’s problems on public schools, but don’t give them enough money to meet those challenges. Six months of lockdown should remind us that …
John Hood

NC's Annie Alexander led women into medicine

RALEIGH — Excluding people based on their race, sex or other characteristics doesn’t just keep those individuals from pursuing their dreams. And it doesn’t just violate moral …
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