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Mike Walden

Can we agree on some tax concepts?

Taxes are almost always a big part of political elections. Questions about who pays taxes, whether taxes are too high or too low and complexities in the tax system are usually parts of debates and …
Gary Pearce

Election may not be over on election night

Voters and media alike, beware: We may not know the winners on Nov. 3. We may not know until all eligible absentee ballots are counted days later. Voters should stay tuned, and media outlets …
John Hood

Democrats may fall just short

RALEIGH — Of all the important electoral contests on North Carolina’s ballot, our General Assembly races will be among the most consequential. The state legislature funds and sets …
From New England to the California coast, cities have Halloween customs in the crosshairs as coronavirus cases surge and public health officials warn that door-to-door candy collection increases infection risks.

Scary laws won't make Halloween safer

The prospect of police scouring suburban streets to enforce trick-or-treating bans gives a whole new meaning to the term “witch hunt.” From New England to the California coast, cities …
John Hood

North Carolina leads in jobs lost

RALEIGH — There are about 300,000 fewer jobs in North Carolina today than there were in February, before the start of the COVID-19 recession. That’s a 7.5% drop in total employment …
Gary Pearce

COVID, classrooms and corporations frame Cooper-Forest race

COVID-19 dominates North Carolina’s governor’s race, and it likely will determine the outcome. But there’s another big difference between the two candidates. It gets less attention, …
Joe Weaver

Broken specs set stage for a day of bad luck

A couple Fridays ago, I had what might be considered a bad day.  As I was getting ready to leave for work, I broke my glasses. Well, actually, the glasses broke themselves because I did not …
DeeAnn Rivera

Fall to-dos in the victory garden

If you are around me very long, you know I love God, summer, growing things, thrift stores, ice cream and my family (not necessarily in that order). But as the wheel of the year turns, I also enjoy …
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