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Peachtree News: Good mentors will help you grow in Christ

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Peachtree Baptist Church is shown in an Enterprise file photo.
Peachtree Baptist Church is shown in an Enterprise file photo.

On Sunday, the Peachtree Baptist Church congregation, family, and friends gathered to worship our Lord.

The sanctuary flower arrangement was presented to glorify God by Lynn and David Griffin in honor of their son, Drew Griffin, whose birthday was Tuesday.


I welcomed the Sunday school gathering and led the song, “O How He Loves You And Me.” 

I then read, “Discover Who God Is,” by Anne Graham Lotz, from “Fixing My Eyes On Jesus, Daily Moments In His Word.” 

“My friend refers to herself as a “fixer.” There’s nothing she like better than to mix it up in her friends’ lives to solve their problems! She means well, but what she’s forgetting is that God sometimes allows us to have problems and be in difficult situations so we can discover His “incomparably great power for us who believe.

“What problems are you facing that are bigger than you? If our lives are always easy, and if all we ever attempt for God is what we know we can handle, how will we ever experience His power and greatness? It’s when we’re in over our heads, when there’s seemingly no way out, that we discover who He truly is.

“Do you have problems? God is the Almighty. He is greater, more powerful than any problem or situation you will ever face. Use this problem as an opportunity to discover who He is!”  


Lawrence Edwards led the Median Sunday school class Bible study, “Mentoring: How to Equip and Encourage Others,” or “Someone helped you grow in Christ; do the same for someone else.” from 2 Timothy 2:1-2, 3:10-17.

“Businesses benefit when someone with experience walks alongside and trains someone with less experience. Some industries refer to persons in such relationships as masters and apprentices. In most other settings, the practice is usually referred to as mentoring. Actually, mentoring is nothing new. It can be found even in the early history of the church. In that setting, we call it discipleship: one believer walking alongside another to help him or her grow in Christ. Everyone can benefit from having a mentor; most of us have. “Furthermore, we all have the opportunity and privilege of being a mentor. God can use anyone of us to equip and encourage another person to grow in Christ. Mentoring: one person investing in another.

“As we look at the above verses, we find Paul and Timothy’s relationship helps us prepare to be mentors ourselves. Mentoring is about relationships, but those relationships don’t happen by accident. They happen because we intentionally watch for God-given intersections and build God-centered friendships.

“Paul must’ve seen unique potential in Timothy. He wanted him on his team, so he intentionally built a relationship with him. Paul knew he was facing death, so he longed to have Timothy with him.

“Paul challenged Timothy to be strong in grace, teach others all he had learned from Paul, to challenge them to teach another generation of followers.

“Mentoring is sharing life together. It’s encouraging each other in the difficult times and celebrating the victories together. That’s what mentors do, invite others into their lives.

Knowing Timothy would face his own struggles in ministry, Paul encouraged him to hold strong to what he had learned and believe in the word.”

Paul affirmed, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

Bible verse for the month of July: Matthew 24:35.

Special music: Jane May played a piano solo, “Above All.” The Peachtree Adult Choir sang, “His Strength Is Perfect.”  


• July 10 through Aug. 28 — There will be no Wednesday night activities

• Thursday, July 18 — Men’s Ministry meeting and dinner, 6:30 p.m. All men are welcome.

• Wednesday, Sept. 4 — All Wednesday night activities resume.  

COMMUNITY NEWS                                                                                                                       

• Six members of Peachtree Baptist attended the VBS at Samaria Baptist Church this past week. Wow! What a great time for all. There were more than 110 people attending. Bible studies, food, crafts, songs, and games were enjoyed. Church members went all out to welcome everyone.

• Members of Peachtree Baptist attended Momeyer Baptist Church to help the congregation celebrate its 100th anniversary, Former pastor Joel Jenkins was the guest speaker. The Mylon Hayes family brought the morning music. Lunch was served catered by Doug Sauls BBQ. Memories were shared.

• Ten members of Peachtree Baptist attended the monthly lunch at Duke Memorial Baptist’s Duke Café. They were served pork loin, rice and gravy, squash and a taco bar was available as well, along with bread, desserts and drinks.

• Zach and Chloe Scott, children of Nikki Bennett Scott, are off again — this time for a week in Maine to visit grandparents. Seeing them off at the airport was grandmother Jeannie Bennett.


The entire Peachtree Baptist Church family expresses heartfelt, deep sympathy to the family and friends of Phoebe Womble Bass, 87, who passed away after a long illness. She was raised and lived in Nash County.


• Ralph Sykes, who is in the in VA hospital.

• Daylon Finch, son of Taylor Gupton Finch, needs our prayers.

• Prayer list: Barbara Griffin,, Jean Bunn, Billy Bunn, Norman Whitley, Ronnie Matthews, Janice Sykes, Doug Hayes, Bobby Bunn, Jake Robertson, Mary Alice Davis, unspoken requests, Dallas Matthews, Krissy Anderson, Diane Denton, Trish Bunn, Art Munoz, Art Vick, Renee Jones, Jean Womble, Wallace Reams, Gene Braswell, David Winstead, Helen Toney, Taylor Pope, Ray Jackson, Steve Bass, Betty Browder, Gail Manning, Ralph Sykes, Chad Russell, Russell Ranger, Glen Perry,  Frances Hutchins, Howard Taylor, Todd Dowden, Joe Weaver, Thomas Moses, Betty Clair May and Jack Harris. We serve the powerful God. Prayers work.

• Birthday blessings to Tabitha Edwards (July 25) and Bill Nelson (July 28).

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Hope for today: Modeling our lives after Paul and Timothy and the biblical principles they lived out will bear much fruit now and in the future.

Fran Bunn is a member of Peachtree Baptist Church.